All about me…

Hi! I’m Fiona,

I’m a recently diagnosed coeliac, and as such food has become a very major part of my life. I’m an expert label reader and I’m an encyclopedia of knowledge on gluten free food.

The minute I was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease I began a mental list of what would be now excluded from my diet, and what I would be missing out on. But with the amazing range of excellent gluten free options now avaliable I can enjoy an almost normal diet. There are however, happy dances and hand clapping when I find something particularly exciting or delicious.

I’ve been cooking a lot more recently so that I can enjoy gorgeous ‘normal’ food because I don’t always like the gluten free options that are avaliable or that I can find. This probably has something to do with being diagnosed in my twenties, so I’ve had a lifetime of ‘normal’ foods and I’ve had trouble adapting to the taste of gluten free food.

When I’ve found things that I love and taste ‘normal’ I’ve shared them with fellow coeliac’s but a blog is the best way to share really.

Fi x


One thought on “All about me…

  1. Hi Fiona

    Love your blog. I have also just started a gluten free blog after being diagnosed 2 years ago, I am a terrible cook so always looking for good products.

    Hope it would be OK to add a link to my site for your blog?


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