Life / Random


I went to the Lane Cove Christmas Markets todayand discovered Finchbird designs by Ben and Dani Finch. Trying to find them online I discovered them on the Indie Art and Design website which is now in my favourites list as an amazing place to find all sorts of interesting designs and designers. Advertisements Continue reading

Life / Random


I was reading Kate’s blog and she mentioned that she had discovered a book in a cafe she stopped by. This book was a BookCrossing book, where members release their registered books into the ‘wild’ for other people to find and read and re-release. I love this concept. I’ve previously engaged in book swapping when … Continue reading

Food / Recipes


I usually hate salads, but my mum has come up with one that I love… Good salad dressing always helps. Lettuce, avocado, orange, mango, brie, bacon, toasted pine nuts. We often put shallots (spring onions), capsicum, peaches, nectarine, cucumber, cherry tomatoes (I don’t like tomato, but most other people seem to). Dressing: equal quantities of … Continue reading


Quiche Lorraine

I got on a roll with pastry making and decided that I was craving a quiche. The Pastry Pantry had a recipe which I used – but didn’t bother measuring the ham or cheese! Quiche Lorraine Diced ham (gluten free!) Cheese (I used tasty cheese) 1 onion, diced 4 eggs 1 cup milk Savoury Shortcrust … Continue reading