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yum. gluten free magazine

I’ve been following yum. gluten free magazine on Facebook and online, and it’s making me happy. As only a dedicated gluten free website and magazine can. yum. gluten free magazine is “the latest Australian online magazine celebrating, exploring, understanding, informing and reviewing anything and everything gluten free.” It is an absolutely stunning magazine that is the delicious. magazine … Continue reading


Belinda Jeffery

Belinda Jeffery understands me. I’ve been known to finish making a cake, and then realise I didn’t pre-heat the oven. My argument is that you shouldn’t have to skip to the end of the recipe to find what temperature you need your pre-heated oven needs to be, and that it should be the first step … Continue reading

Mint Slice
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Mint Slice

It’s Coeliac Awareness Week this week, and as a happy ‘my week’ and quarter year resolution I’m picking up where I left off with this blog. I’ve realised that I’ve not touched this blog in over 18 months, which is just sad. So to start off, here is my gluten free mint slice. This recipe was … Continue reading



I’ve been enjoying fresh sandwiches lately. Yes. You read that right. Fresh Sandwiches. Amazing right? A few cafe’s that I’ve been to recently make their own gluten free bread (Cafe at the top of the Skyline in Queenstown; Cafe Dendu in Ultimo) which is just like having fresh multigrain ‘normal’ bread, albeit a little more … Continue reading